The Church on 68 was birthed in 1999 when Pastors Whitman and Ressie Toland moved to Greensboro from their home church in Asheville, NC. Pastor Whit served on staff at The Rock of Asheville for 8 years before being sent out to plant a church in the Triad. Pastor Whit says that he was not God's first pick or even His second pick for this assignment, but his number is up and he will do as God leads.


Pastor Whit and Pastor Ressie are defined by their tenacity to seek God first and do what He says. Each is so real and personable, often inviting us to "look behind the curtain" and stating that "what you see is what you get". "This is not a one man show." They firmly believe their calling is to equip the entire body for ministry.

Our pastors see beyond the four walls of the building and have a heart for unity in the Body of Christ in the Triad. There is a weekly Pastors prayer meeting at the Church on 68 where pastors from local churches come together and humbly pray for God's will to be done in His church in this region.

Pastors Whit & Ressie were married in April, 1990. They have four sons of amazing character: Andrew, married to Cierra, Spencer, Ashton, married to Victoria and Evan - and a brown curly-haired dog named Chase Riley.