Marriage Preparation Course

  • Are you engaged or seriously considering marriage?
  • Do you want to have the best possible start to your marriage?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then The Marriage Preparation Course is for you!

The Marriage Preparation Course is for any engaged couple who wants to give their marriage the best possible start. It doesn't matter how long you have been engaged - some couples have set a wedding date, while others have not. Or if you have been living together and would like to explore the idea of getting married, or if one or both of you have been married before.

Over five sessions of the course you will discover practical tools to help you build the foundations for a lasting marriage. You will look at:

  • the importance of commitment
  • how to recognize and appreciate your differences
  • the art of communication
  • resolving conflict
  • the importance of spending time together and nurturing your friendship
  • making each other feel loved
  • developing a good sexual relationship
  • the importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams

Session Topics

  • Communication. This session helps couples see how important effective communication is for a strong marriage and how communication is affected by personality, family background and circumstances. Couples look at what it means to talk about their feelings and they practise listening to each other.
  • Commitment. Commitment lies at the heart of the marriage covenant and is reflected in the marriage service vows. In this session couples consider the meaning of these vows and then look at how to live out this commitment through making quality time for each other on a regular basis and separating appropriately from their parents.
  • Resolving Conflict. Conflict can either destroy a marriage or, if handled well, strengthen it. Couples consider how to handle anger, appreciate their differences, look for solutions together and practice forgiveness. Organizing finances, a primary cause of conflict in marriage, is also addressed.
  • Keeping Love Alive. This session looks at how love must be deliberately nurtured in a marriage through couples nurturing their friendship, discovering how the other feels loved and developing their sexual relationship.
  • Shared Goals and Values. While appreciating their differences, couples need to agree on their goals and core values. In this session couples have the opportunity to discuss their priorities for the future, the roles they expect to fulfill and the building of spiritual togetherness.

Each session includes:

  • Refreshments & Snacks - you can chat to the other participating couples or your support couple or just use the time to talk to each other.
  • Practical talks that are informative and fun, played on DVD. They include filmed clips of couples talking about their own experiences of marriage.
  • Private discussion time as a couple - you will be given topics to discuss (sometimes with the help of an exercise). Music is played so you can’t hear other couples and they can’t hear you!
  • No group work, so relax - you will not have to share anything about your relationship with anyone else.
  • Homework - at the end of each session you are given some homework to do together. This will help you to build on what you have learnt and give you the opportunity to apply it to your relationship.

"The aim of the Marriage Preparation Course is to help couples lay the foundations for a relationship that will last a lifetime."

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