On Being Welcoming

It was interesting last Sunday.  The foyer of the church was filled with laughter, happiness and joy more so than the norm. It was a sight to see all of the smiles on everyone’s faces before church started.

I then began to think what it would look like if people didn’t carry the attitude of welcoming. How many people would turn around and not come into church because they didn’t feel welcomed?

Just think if you went to someone’s home for the first time and they didn’t invite you in or if they did invite you in, but they didn’t offer you anything to drink or make you feel comfortable. You wouldn’t want to come back and you would question what in the world is wrong with them!

Along Jesus’  journey, He welcomed all people, whether they would receive Him or not. It didn’t matter what you had done, in the process of doing or what you would do, he knew it all and still welcomed all. No matter their size, race or financial status; it didn’t matter to him, he just wanted the person to feel his love and that he cared.

What would happen if we carried the welcoming attitude everywhere we went?

When people feel welcomed they can’t help but to laugh, have joy, smile, be themselves; it just comes with the territory. For our family we felt so welcomed when we visited C3. Everyone we met was genuine and I truly felt that they cared and loved me even though they only talked to me for a few minutes.

From that moment I wanted everyone to feel what I felt when I first came to C3, which is partly why I’m on the greeting team. When I’m greeting I carry the attitude of “welcome to my home” “let me show you around” or “would you like some coffee?”.

Often people are what make the difference in whether folks leave or stay at a church regardless of programs, the worship set or the teaching. The same scenario is why people can stay at a job that they really don’t like doing because they can’t stand the fact of leaving the people -it's how they make them feel.

I challenge you to pay it forward and make the welcoming impact wherever you go.