Fun and Church

Fun and Church. Can you really put both of these words in the same sentence?! 

I once thought that you couldn’t, that “fun” didn’t exist in church outside of the kids and youth ministries.  I was wrong!

I grew up in a nice church with a great pastor and hundreds of kind people, but fun was not part of the church picture.  We could all smile kindly on Sundays and in fellowship times, but laughing and fun were absent.  I associated this style of relationship with my relationship with God.  It was serious and practical and lacking joy.  Dismissing fun from my life had dismissed joy from my relationship with God.   

I never thought of God as fun, but now I KNOW that God is fun! 

How do I know? 

I know because I was made in His image and I’m a lot of fun!  If fun is part of my life, it’s because fun is part of God’s identity.

Think about how much joy can come from a good laugh and time spent with friends.  Those are the times in life that speak truth, encouragement, peace, and love like nothing else can.  Joy is of God, right?  So fun must also be of God.

In the last few years, I have found FUN in fellowship with others, on every day of the week, and of all places in church! 

God created us for fun and joy.  Why else would laughter be such good medicine for all that ails us?  So have fun, enjoy this life, and make sure those around you know that relationship with God is rooted in an all consuming JOY!