A Choice in Authenticity

I love how God deals so kindly with us. His grace truly is matchless as he brings correction. 

I knew in the back of my mind for a few months that one of my culture words to study on was Authentic… and as I turned my focus on that aspect of our culture in the last few weeks I began to have subtle & gentle nudges from God on where my life is lacking authenticity, or more importantly, when and where the voice of the authenticity in my life wasn’t coming from Him.

Authentic simply means true and honest. 

God has been kindly making me aware of the fact that I can be authentic with voicing the true and honest details of circumstances or of feelings, OR I can be true and honest to give voice to His Word.  The choice is mine.

Circumstances and feelings are true in the moment; God’s word stands true and honest forever. Being authentic to the one brings life, to the other often brings grumbling and discontent.

He has challenged me this month and in the coming months, to be authentic to what His word is saying about my circumstances, about my feelings, my life, my future, and to give voice to those things and not what may be happening in real-time.

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk about culture with sweet Judy McIntyre a few months back and when looking at our culture traits she very simply said “these are all attitudes”  and went on to talk about how if we allow God to work on our attitudes we will see significant change in our lives.  So, I challenge each of us, as strong & significant parts of the body here at C3Greensboro, to ask God where our attitudes need adjustments, modifications and evaluations and be quick to obey and move.