CH Fitness began as a vision of: having healthier and fitter people in the church/community, being a platform to influence people in a significant way to live better lives, and connecting people for a purpose. The vision started to become a reality in January of 2010 with the opening of the CH Fitness Studio. The vision was many years in the making and it continues to grow as God leads it. Part of the mission is to help people live a better quality of life through improving their health and fitness through a variety of avenues.

Those avenues currently include Bootcamp Classes, Tae Kwon Do School, Mixed Martial Arts Training, Personal Training, Nutrition Counseling, Corporate Fitness Classes and Public Speaking. In addition, our purpose includes creating an environment where healthy relationships can develop and grow. We ultimately want to have something for everyone so that all can be involved with improving the quality of their lives and have fun doing it with others they can call family!

Furthermore, the quality of life is not just physical, but mental and spiritual as well and all 3 components of life are intertwined and can influence the other. As Clayton Halls, the CH Fitness Administrator believes, “We can live life to our fullest potential if we have a healthy body, mind AND spirit!”

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